My Abstract Art Obsession

Spring ~ Color ~ Change...I am ready! 

Often, I am drawn to a variety of works of art. Recently, I was feeling a need for color and decided to change my face book timeline photo with a painting I adore. This painting connects me to my soul and exudes a hopeful, happy feeling I can't quite describe. Apparently it spoke to you too, as the questions about the artist continue to pour in! I am happy to share my special find with you. Her name is Amanda Collis and she is based in the UK. Her talent speaks for itself.

Below is a link to my Art Board on Pinterest where you will find Amanda's information and many more special paintings that I have favorited over the years. I love each piece and hope that you enjoy them too!

Check back here often to discover more fun finds & helpful tips that Karen and I will be sharing with you along our buying travels for Kovet Boutique.



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