Nail Alert!

I actually have to admit that I am a gal that does NOT like getting her nails done. Sitting still isn't my best trait and 9 times out of 10, I wreck my manicure before I am even out of the salon! Sound familiar? If you are a busy, professional mom like me, then I am CERTAIN you understand. Who has the time??? I like to exercise, cook for my kids and be social with my community alongside enjoying my work and maintaining my home. And then there is the hair time sucker!

So I ran into this awesome find at target. I love you target. :) This polish immediately dries like no chip does except there is no need to spend the time with your nails under a lamp or the use of tinfoil. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Sally Hansen people for giving us our extra time back!

You can pick your colors here:


I have my 4 most favorite nail colors on hand: black, navy, burgundy and natural.

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